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Capturing New York's Skyline

A Tale of Two Viewpoints

New York City offers a myriad of viewpoints, each offering a unique perspective of the sprawling metropolis below. From the Rockefeller Center to the Empire State Building, these vantage points provide a glimpse into New York's skyline.

During my recent visit, I had the opportunity to witness the city's transformation from misty obscurity to crystal-clear clarity. Starting from the Rockefeller viewpoint, I braved the foggy conditions, hoping for a glimpse of the city below. Slowly but surely, the mist dissipated, revealing dramatic vistas of Manhattan's skyline.

Later, as I ascended the Empire State Building, I was greeted by a breathtaking panorama of the city bathed in morning light. It was a moment of pure awe, as I stood atop one of the world's most iconic landmarks, capturing the essence of New York City from above.

Join me as I recount my journey through New York's skyline, from misty beginnings to clear, panoramic views of the city that never sleeps.

My favourite viewpoint was the Empire state, if I visit New York again, I would love to go at night on a clear day.

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