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New York City at Night

Updated: Apr 27

Big Apple illuminations

As the sun goes down, the city that never sleeps bathes in colours, bright lights and shadows that turn New York City at night into a plethora of images worth capturing – from the bustling nightlife to the awe-inspiring views that only night photography can catch.

On a recent trip to New York, I threw on my backpack with two of my favourite Canon lenses, and decided to wander the city under the night sky to photograph its best known landmarks. From the Statue of Liberty to the Financial District, every image tells a story of the city’s pulse. No shot comes easily. In between wiping clean the hand-printed windows from one of the viewpoints with my jacket, in addition to forgetting the polarising filter, I learned an important lesson: patience is always rewarded. The results of my labour? Beathtaking cityscapes. I’ll take you on a visual tour of the nocturnal charms of New York, one picture at a time, from the ground level to one of the highest viewpoints, the Summit One Vanderbilt viewpoint experience.

Equipment used:

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