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Edinburgh Photography

Exploring Edinburgh: A Photographic Journey Through History

Alright, folks! Time for another wee blog post in Scotland, taking you on a tour with my Edinburgh Photography. This bonnie city has so much to offer, from iconic landmarks to charming wee streets – I'll be showcasing some belters that capture the essence of its rich history and vibrant culture. Get ready to join me on a virtual saunter through the Royal Mile, up Arthur's Seat, around Edinburgh Castle, and more!

St Giles Cathedral in Edinburgh Scorland on the Royal Mile, with the British and Scottish flag in the foreground
St Giles Cathedral with Flags

Royal Mile Patriotism: Past & Present

Back on the Royal Mile, the iconic St. Giles' Cathedral provides a breathtaking backdrop to my photos showing the proud display of British and Scottish flags fluttering in the breeze. With the cathedral's stunning architecture framing the patriotic scene, it underlines Edinburgh's deep cultural heritage and equal pride in its national and regional identities.

The Royal Mile: Timeless Charm

The Royal Mile is the historic heart of Auld Reekie, a braw blend of old-world charm and modern buzz. My snaps highlight those iconic red phone boxes sitting proudly in the middle of this busy street, and a classic black cab navigating the cobbles. These pics give you a taste of daily life on the Mile, where past and present mingle beautifully.

Arthur's Seat: An Ancient Wonder

Just a short 15-minute walk from the bustling Royal Mile transports you to Arthur's Seat - an ancient volcano that cuts a striking figure on Edinburgh's landscape with rugged slopes commanding panoramic views over the city below. But come springtime, this formidable natural landmark dons a vibrant crown of yellow gorse flowers blanketing its craggy terrain. Their brilliant blooms create a jaw-dropping contrast against the rocky contours. With my camera, I aimed to bottle the serene beauty and commanding presence of this floral-adorned volcanic wonder, so close yet worlds away from the Royal Mile's commotion. A challenge to capture its majesty in one frame after such an easy scenic escape from the city center.

Edinburgh Castle: Fortified Over the Ages

The mighty Edinburgh Castle, perched high on Castle Rock, is an icon of Scotland's tumultuous past and resilience. My photos showcase its formidable architecture and commanding views over the city below. This age-old fortress remains a timeless watchman over Edinburgh, its walls echoing endless stories.

Edinburgh Castle Cannon 1 o clock firing
Edinburgh Castle Cannon

The One O'Clock Gun: A Tradition Alive

Every day at 1pm, the One O'Clock Gun fires from the castle – a tradition stretching back to 1861. I snapped the cannon itself, but my attempt to catch the moment it fired was thwarted by that bloomin' loud bang! Despite bracing myself, that boom still made me jump, showing just how powerful this daily ritual is.

The National Monument Edinburgh Scotland, Blue Sky no people
The National Monument Edinburgh

The National Monument and the Balmoral Clock Tower

From the vantage of the National Monument, you can gaze over Edinburgh's skyline and spot the iconic clock tower of the Balmoral Hotel dominating the view. This captures the grandeur and historical depth of the city, classical and modern coexisting beautifully.

The Governor's House & Martyrs' Monument with old lantern in foreground Edinburgh Scotland
The Governor's House & Martyrs' Monument

Echoes of Political Strife: The Governor's House and Martyrs' Monument

My lens captured sites echoing Edinburgh's turbulent political past - the Governor's House and nearby Political Martyrs' Monument. The 17th century Governor's House, once aristocratic rulers' home, now hauntingly reminds of authority and oppression. Steps away, the solemn Martyrs' Monument commemorates activists executed for civil disobedience and reform efforts. These juxtaposed images contrast Edinburgh's grandeur against harsh realities of past struggles for justice and free speech - poignant reminders this city's story weaves beauty and hardship.

Street Photography the old college Edinburgh Black and white
Street Photography the old college

Street Photography: The Old College

The University of Edinburgh's Old College is a Georgian architectural gem, its stately presence adding charm to the city streets. My street snaps capture daily life unfolding around this historic place, blending academia and urban living

Princes Street and the Balmoral Hotel, Edinburgh Scotland, Black and white
Princes Street and the Balmoral

Monochrome Grandeur on Princes Street

Striking black and white: the grand Balmoral towering over bustling Princes Street. Details of its neo-renaissance facade pop against the urban scene. A steadfast centerpiece amid the kinetic energy of pedestrians and taxis. The monochrome freezes a moment, highlighting the interplay of light and shadow across historic stone and animated rhythm - an arresting capture of Edinburgh's grace.

Final Focus

So there you have it, my wee photographic tour capturing the spirit of Edinburgh – from buzzing streets and centuries-old sites to areas of serene natural beauty. I hope this has inspired you to come explore and capture the magic of Auld Reekie through your own lens. More photo adventures to come, so stay tuned!

Stay tuned for more photographic adventures, and as always, keep exploring and capturing the world through your lens.

Equipment used:

Wide angle lens -  Canon EF 11-24mm f/4 L USM

Print This Moment 🖼️

If any of these images from my Edinburgh adventures resonate with you, I'd be thrilled to provide prints for your own walls. While I regularly update my online print store, some of my favorite shots may not make it there right away. So if you see a particular photograph here that you'd love to have as a print, please don't hesitate to reach out! I'm always happy to discuss print options and pricing for those special images that speak to you. To me, there's no greater joy than sharing these little slices of Edinburgh's magic and allowing their beauty to adorn your own spaces. Just drop me a line about the photo that moved you.

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