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Drone Videography Package

Soar to New Heights: Aerial Videography Unleashed

  • 1 h
  • From 280 British pounds
  • Burton-on-Trent

Service Description

Discover the breathtaking world of aerial videography through our exceptional drone services. Specializing in capturing cinematic shots that showcase landscapes, events, and promotional videos for businesses, our skilled team brings a new level of creativity and professionalism to your projects. With our drone videography services, your vision comes to life with sweeping vistas and dynamic sequences that captivate your audience. Our experienced pilot navigates the skies with precision, delivering smooth and immersive footage that tells a compelling story. Every moment is captured with stunning precision, allowing your project to soar to new heights. Choose from two options for your footage: Raw Footage (unedited): Experience the unfiltered, raw beauty of your aerial videography. Preserve the authenticity of the captured moments with untouched footage, ready for your personalized editing. Edited Footage with Color Enhancement: Our experts enhance your footage with professional color grading, bringing out the richness and vibrancy of each frame. This option provides a polished and visually captivating final product. We are happy to accommodate specific editing requests, such as footage clipping without music, for an additional editing fee. However, please ensure that any music used has the appropriate rights or is royalty-free. You have the creative freedom to select the perfect music that aligns with your unique vision, adding an extra layer of emotion and impact to your aerial masterpiece. If you are unsure, please do not hesitate to get in touch. To maximize the time available for capturing your desired shots, please note that our drone's flight time is approximately 15 minutes per battery. Careful planning is essential, and we will work closely with you to effectively plan the session. Safety and compliance with local regulations are our top priorities. Before scheduling your aerial photography session, ensure you have obtained the necessary approvals to fly drones in the designated location. Our team is available to provide guidance and assist you with any inquiries regarding permissions and flight restrictions.

Contact Details

  • Burton-on-Trent DE15, UK


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